Message from Taiko Master HAYASHI Eitetsu (on the Occasion of the Tanabata Festival)

The Consulate-General of Japan received a message from celebrated taiko drum master HAYASHI Eitetsu, who toured Canada in 2018 as part of the celebrations commemorating the 90th anniversary of Japan-Canada diplomatic relations.  Master HAYASHI also sent along a performance of “Haru Yo Koi” or “Come, Spring”, featuring a group of traditional musicians playing remotely, a project initiated by tsugaru shamisen virtuoso AGATSUMA Hiromitsu who last year performed at Japan Festival CANADA as well as for a celebratory concert marking the 90th anniversary.  Two musicians who gave unforgettable performances in Toronto are now using their traditional Japanese instruments to express their support for everyone around the world battling COVID-19.
<from Master HAYASHI>
I hope everyone is keeping well.
Although we are unable to hold performances right now due to COVID-19, I am fortunately in good health, and was recently able to play remotely with some Japanese musicians with whom I am close friends.
Through words and music performed on our Japanese instruments, we would like to express our strong support for everyone around the world battling COVID-19.
So that the day we all can meet again will come as soon as possible, we have chosen a song called “Haru Yo Koi” or “Come, Spring” (hoping happy days will soon return).
We eagerly look forward to the day when we can see all of you again in person and in good health.
July 1, 2020
You can watch the performance here:

Among the traditional Japanese musicians performing remotely are taiko master HAYASHI Eitetsu (top centre) and shamisen virtuoso AGATSUMA Hiromitsu (bottom centre).