Consul-General Ito Attends Press Conference on Visit by Confectionary Expect Junichi Mitsubori

On April 12, Consul-General of Japan Takako Ito attended a press conference held at Gusta Cooking Studio in Markham on the visit to Toronto by the world renowned confectionary craftsperson, Master Junichi Mitsubori. The Consul-General in her remarks spoke on the immense charms of wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets. Master Mitsubori has uplifted the world of wagashi, sublimating it through creative new ways of appreciating Japanese sweets into a “Way of Confectionary”, or “KADOU”. He is a genuine artist whose efforts to spread wagashi around the world have gained him international attention. His Toronto visit was a part of his first North American tour, and attendants at the press conference were truly moved by his artistic demonstration.