UPDATE: Consulate-General of Japan invites Submissions to the SAKURA (cherry blossom) Haiku Challenge

We are now accepting submissions! Use the link below under "To Apply" to send us your poem!

Cherry blossoms are at their peak for only a fleeting moment. What’s a better way to capture their essence than with the world’s shortest poem – the Haiku?

We invite you to think "spring" and let your creativity bloom by participating in our Sakura (cherry blossom) Haiku Challenge! 

Although it might be difficult to imagine Sakura (cherry blossoms) at this time, we encourage you to take a scroll through our Facebook photo album titled “Sakura Cherry Blossoms in ONTARIO” to gain some inspiration. 

Although not required, we would also welcome original art/photo to go along with your Haiku.

To Apply

Submission Period: October 1, 2021 – December 10, 2021
Submit your Haiku using this form.
  • Only submissions sent through Google Forms will be accepted 
  • Approved entries will be posted on our Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) throughout the Sakura blossom seasons in April and May 2022.
  • Approved entries will be included to the electronic anthology of the whole collection.
What you submit:
On the Google Form provided above, you may choose to:
  1. Submit your Haiku 
  2. Submit Haiku and art work/photo related to your Haiku separately 
  3. Have your Haiku be included in the related art work/photo
Maximum Image Size
No larger than 10MB per art work/photo submission

Guidelines & Eligibility

Challenge is open to everyone and all ages
Up to TWO (2) entries per person
The haiku should touch on the theme of the Sakura (cherry blossom)
All submissions must be in English
Entry must be an original piece of work
Accompanying art work/photo are welcome, but MUST be an original art work/photos of the author
Entries with vulgar, offensive, or sensitive content will not be accepted. We will review every submission and retain the right to not post any materials we deem inappropriate on our social media or include them in the electronic publication.


What is Haiku?
Haiku was born in Japan and is the world’s shortest form of poetry. A traditional Japanese Haiku is expressed in 17-syllables (5-7-5) and some poets write more and less. Haiku uses simple expressions in a way that allows felt emotions and has a rule which requires that a word that is identified with a particular season is used (Kigo).  

We are no longer requiring the traditional 5-7-5 syllable form.  However, since haiku is conventionally considered to be the shortest poem in the world, three-line haiku are desirable. Please refer the link below for more information on “How to make Haiku!” 

How to Make Haiku - English (JAL Foundation) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at information@to.mofa.go.jp