Invitation to the Online English Haiku Poetry Course for Beginners (September 28, 2021)


Interested in learning about English Haiku poetry? Our upcoming Online Lecture with Ms. Kimiko Horne will cover the basics of English Haiku construction and touch on the differences between English and Japanese Haiku. Starting on October 1, we will also invite you to participate in our online Haiku event.
This lecture is for beginners of, and those with a general interest in learning about Haiku writing. We encourage all attendees to participate in the upcoming online Haiku event.
As space is limited, please review the requirements and details below.

As the lecture will be conducted in English, Japanese language skill and knowledge is not necessary.


What’s Haiku poetry?

Haiku developed in Japan and is the world’s shortest form of poetry. A traditional Japanese Haiku is expressed in 17-syllables (5-7-5) and some poets write more or less. Haiku uses simple expressions in a way that allows emotions to be felt and has a rule which requires the use of a word that is identified with a particular season (Kigo).
Today, the popularity of Haiku has spread across the world. You can take a look at “How to Make Haiku” (JAL Foundation) via this link:


Schedule & Application Details

Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Time: 7 pm – 8:15 pm (75 min)
Location: Online / Microsoft Teams (link will be mailed once it is approved)
Limit: 50 people
Language: English
Application deadline: September 23, 2021 (alternatively, applications will be closed as soon as capacity is reached)
*This event is FREE OF CHARGE

Lecturer - Ms. Kimiko Horne:

Ms. Horne has composed Haiku in both English and Japanese since 1985, when she became a member of Haiku Canada and joined the Kaitei Haiku group in Japan around the same time. Ms. Horne has conducted numerous Haiku workshops for schools and public libraries. She has been awarded a number of prizes for haiku in English in Japan and Canada.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Must be over 18 years of age (when applying)
  • Must be a resident of Ontario
  • Beginner of Haiku or possess an overall interest in Haiku
  • Must have equipment to join the Online Lecture
  • Hopefully motivated to participate in the upcoming online Haiku event