Application to the Consulate General of Japan for Borrowing Cultural Items

*NEW please note that the contents were updated on February 16th, 2017

Any organization or body, etc. planning and seeking to borrow Japanese Cultural items from the Consulate General of Japan in Toronto should read the following and file an application by e-mail with the required documents. Please note that we retain the right to decline the application at our discretion.


Please file the application no later than 2 weeks prior to the date on which you wish to pick it up the items. Last-minute applications or applications lacking sufficient documentation may not be accepted.


Application for borrowing cultural items should include documents (1) to (4) below. Documents (1) and (2) must be prepared in the prescribed format. Please note that the submission of other documents may be required as deemed necessary.

(1)Application for borrowing Cultural Items and Pledge (Attachment 1

 Notes for completing the application

  • Prepare the application form after expressing agreement to “4. Matters to be observed,” as indicated in the attached form (no changes to these matters will be approved).
  • The name of the representative must be that of the representative of the organization hosting the project (or the applying organization), not the person responsible for the project.
  • After filling out the form, make sure to affix an official seal or signature (digital signature are acceptable).

(2)Outline of the ProjectAttachment 2

Notes for completing the form

  • Fill in all required items
  • Regarding “8. Date on which you wish to pick up and return”, the location must at the Consulate General of Japan in Toronto. We do not mail or courier items.

(3)Other Documents Outlining the Project if any

Please submit any other documents outlining the project or notify us of the website address.  

(4)Documents Outlining the Organization Hosting the Project and the Applying Organization, etc

   ①List of Board of members

Articles of incorporation or other documents equivalent thereto (constitution, articles of association, act of endowment, etc.)

History, business performance, activity details, etc. of the organization

When the organization hosting the project and the applying organization are different, a document showing their relationship (written contract, etc.)

   The documents listed in 2 and 3 above may be omitted for the following projects or organizations.  

(a) Any project for which Consulate granted application within the last two years; provided. However, if there are any changes in the details of the project have occurred since the previous application, the relevant documents need to be submitted.

(b) Government offices, diplomatic corps in Japan, consular offices, international organizations, local governments, and incorporated administrative agencies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

  ※ The list of Board members may also be omitted by organizations listed in (b) above.


  • A project offensive to public order or public morality
  • A project for profit-making purpose or a project not pursued in the public interest
  • A project carried out by a political or religious organization or any equivalent organization
  • A highly political or religious project
  • A project that may promote the interests of specific organization, etc.
  • A project to be hosted by an organization of dubious competence in project management
  • Items will be used for personal matters
  • Any other project found to be diplomatically inappropriate


Attach the following documents and submit a report within one month after the expiration of the project period. If a project report is not submitted, future applications for bowing items may not be granted to the relevant organization.


(1)Prescribed project report (Attachment 3)

(2)Documents, website, etc. showing how the project was carried out



 Application and Inquiries should be sent to:


  • “Application for borrowing cultural items” or “Inquiry for bowing cultural items” must be indicated on the title of your e-mail.
  • We do not take inquiries by phone
  • You are generally not permitted to file simultaneous applications with MOFA and a diplomatic mission abroad or with multiple diplomatic mission abroad for the same project 



  • Japanese flag
  • Yukata (Summer Kimono) for men, women, children    
  • Happi jacket and head band
  • Lion head set (Lion head, pants, shoes, head band)
  • Omikoshi set (portable shrine)
  • Rice cake maker (Kine, Usu, others)
  • Traditional toy set
  • Face masks (some Japanese anime characters)
  • Lantern
  • Plastic Food Samples
  • Giant carp for the boys day
  • Japanese dolls