Reception for the Participants of the Kakehashi Project (High School Level)

On March 27, Consul-General of Japan Takako Ito held a reception for the high school students who participated on this round of the Kakehashi Project. Students from Bishop Strachan School, who visited Japan in February, along with their teachers and parents joined the students from Tokyo’s Sacred Heart High School who were in Toronto. The students from the two girls’schools exchanged thoughts on such invaluable experiences as their homestays, and expressed their intention to always nurture the friendship they established.


Consul-General of Japan Takako Ito spoke on the advancement of women,
which was the theme of this exchange group, in her welcoming remarks.

Ms. Stephanie Chan represented the Bishop Strachan School students to give her thoughts on their visit to Japan.

Ms. Lisa Tai of the Sacred Heart High School gave greetings on behalf of her schoolmates.

Ms. Judith Carlisle, Head of the Bishop Strachan School, gave a toast, wishing for further strengthening
of Japan-Canada relations and for the continued success of the two schools that participated in this exchange,

Consul-General Ito with the Japanese and Canadian students.