Enter the 2024 SAKURA Haiku Challenge

2024 Sakura Haiku Challenge
Consulate-General of Japan invites Submissions to the 2024 SAKURA Haiku Challenge

We invite you to let your creativity bloom by participating in our 2024 SAKURA Haiku Challenge! We are accepting original artwork/photo of your Haiku inspiration.
Submission Period: Nov. 14, 2023 – March 31, 2024
Apply: By e-mail  culturaleventcgto@to.mofa.go.jp
      Title: 2024 SAKURA Haiku Challenge – Your Name, or initial, pen name
How to submit
Please send information below and attach your artwork/photo related to your Haiku if it’s applicable. *If so, no larger than 10MB per artwork/photo
  1. Full Name
  2. Do you give us permission to publish your full name? ☐ Yes / ☐ No
*If you answered “No” to above, please describe how you would like to be credited (e.g.: initials, pen name, etc.)                                                                                  
  1. Your Haiku
  2. If your Haiku is approved, do you give us permission for it to be posted on our Social Media (Facebook & X, formerly Twitter)? ☐ Yes / ☐ No
  3. Do you understand and agree with the guidelines and eligibility? ☐ Yes / ☐ No
  4. Which Country (or Province, Territory, State) are you from?
  5. How did you learn about this event?  ☐ Consulate website   ☐ Consulate Facebook/Twitter   ☐ Consulate Event E-mailing  ☐  Other _______________                                           
*Approved entries will be posted on our Social Media (Facebook and X, formerly Twitter).
*Approved entries will be collected in an electronic anthology of the whole collection.
Guidelines & Eligibility
  • Challenge is open to everyone and all ages
  • Up to TWO (2) entries per person
  • The haiku should touch on the theme of SAKURA
  • All submissions must be in English
  • Entries must be an original piece of work
  • Accompanying artwork/photo are welcome, but MUST be an original artwork/photos of the author
  • Entries with vulgar, offensive, or sensitive content will not be accepted. We will review every submission and retain the right to not post any materials we deem inappropriate on our social media or include them in the electronic publication.
What is Haiku?
Haiku was born in Japan and is the world’s shortest form of poetry. A traditional Japanese Haiku is expressed in 17-syllables (5-7-5) and some poets write more and less. Haiku uses simple expressions in a way that allows felt emotions and has a rule which requires that a word that is identified with a particular season is used (Kigo). 

Book of entries from the Swirling Haiku Challenge of 2022~2023 is available for download here.